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We design and establish Modular Cleanroom facilities of ISO 6, ISO 7 and ISO 8 Cleanroom classes. The nature of work involves analyzing the user requirement, studying the process flow and site condition, design engineering and supply & installation of HVAC and air distribution system, HEPA filter terminals and return air risers, Modular Cleanroom wall panels, Ceiling panels, Double glazed view panels, Cleanroom doors, Corner covings, Lighting epoxy flooring etc. The modular panels are of double skin construction using pre coated galvanized iron sheet with EPS / PUF infill.

Clear Air India is a pioneering provider of Modular Cleanrooms, offering innovative and customizable solutions designed to meet the precise cleanroom requirements of various industries. Situated in Chennai, India, Clear Air India has solidified its reputation as a premier Modular Cleanrooms manufacturer in Chennai. Clean Air India’s commitment to excellence and flexibility is evident in its Modular Cleanrooms, which can be tailored to suit specific needs and budgets while ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and contamination control.

Clear Air India distinguishes itself by offering Modular Cleanrooms price is competitive , making advanced cleanroom technology accessible without sacrificing quality. With a dedicated focus on research and development, Clear Air India delivers cost-effective solutions, positioning itself as the preferred choice for businesses across India. Whether you require a Modular Cleanroom in Chennai or any other part of India, Clear Air India's expertise as a Modular Cleanroom manufacturer in India is unparalleled, ensuring that your cleanroom facilities are efficient, flexible, and compliant with industry standards. Additionally, they also provide innovative options like Clean Air Tents, Laminar Airflow Clean tents, and Softwall Clean Rooms, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet diverse cleanroom needs.

Clean Air India specializes in providing modular cleanrooms that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our modular cleanrooms are designed to create controlled environments, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive processes such as manufacturing, research, and testing. With a focus on quality and precision, our modular cleanrooms are equipped with advanced technology to guarantee a contaminant free atmosphere. The modular cleanrooms offered by Clean Air India are customizable to suit various industry requirements, providing a flexible and efficient solution for businesses seeking controlled environments. Clients can rely on Clean Air India not only for the superior performance of our modular cleanrooms but also for competitive pricing that aligns with budgetary considerations for clean air intent.

At Clean Air India, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our modular cleanrooms' prices are competitive in the market, making them accessible to a wide range of industries. Whether you require a clean air tent or a softwall clean room, our offerings are designed to meet diverse needs. The clean air tents provide a portable and versatile solution for creating controlled environments, while our softwall clean rooms offer flexibility in configuration without compromising on cleanliness. Clean Air India is committed to delivering reliable and efficient cleanroom solutions, ensuring that businesses can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene within their controlled environments. Choose Clean Air India for modular cleanrooms that combine cutting-edge technology with affordability.

Cleanroom doors are made of double skin construction using pre-treated galvanized iron shett with powder coated finish with PUF / EPS/ Honeycomb paper craft in fill.

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